Campaign Platform

Bruce StroubleEquitable Development:

Growth and Development in the City of Tallahassee must always be looked at in the context of all citizens.  Equity is about fairness, inclusion, and equal access to opportunity.  It is critical that we make sure that we strive to create opportunities for all sectors of our community.   As your commissioner, I would support policies that work to ensure that all Tallahassee citizens can participate in and benefit from decisions that shape their neighborhoods. 

Ethics, Integrity and Transparency:
Transparency and Ethics are essential components of building public trust in today’s communities.  Tallahassee’s citizens want high-quality government services and they want public officials who they can hold accountable.  This means that all officials must have clearly defined duties and regulations that they can be held accountable too.  This is why I support the ethics board that was established in 2014.  Additionally, I think it is imperative that the Tallahassee Ethics Board remain independent. Lastly,  as your city commissioner, I would work to maintain an open and accurate data policy that will allow all citizens to act on their right to participate in government as well as ensure accountability of public officials.

Sustainable Solutions:
The City of Tallahassee faces many challenges that must be addressed in a timely manner.   In order to provide a lasting positive social change in our communities, it is important that we consider the long-term impacts of all policies put forth.  This means that we must take a comprehensive look at fiscal, social and environmental sustainability when considering any measure. As a commissioner for the City of Tallahassee, I would work to ensure a fiscally sustainable and balanced city budget.   Also, I would continue to advocate for environmental stewardship, especially when considering development proposals.

Supporting Local Businesses:   In order for Tallahassee's economy to stabilize and continue to grow we must focus our efforts on creating an environment where local businesses both for-profit and not-for-profit can thrive.  The influence of major chain stores must be balanced with strategic support of our local entrepreneurs who are creating jobs and providing valuable services right here in our community. As your commissioner, I would make it my priority to support policies that level the playing field for our local businesses.

We solve our problems when we put People Over Politics